Judith Wiersema

Dutch sculptress

Judith's work

Judith creates and works in her atelier in Naarden. Lives, works and exhibit in the same surroundings. Stone, wood and clay are her primary materials. This gives her an ideal starting point in thinking of forms and postures. Inspired by all things she encounters in life. Women as a starting point. You can call it “self-portraits’ because she works alone with all here experiences in her atelier. The finishing of her work is mostly in bronze or aluminium. To put woman’s features in aluminium was at the time very new and could be considered as here founding’s.

'Her work at this moment is more and more contemporary'.

Through the years all the new technologies have not been unnoticed by Judith. She uses all different kinds of new techniques. Her work at this moment is more and more contemporary. With all this she never loses sight of the beauty of a woman and the struggles they sometimes face.

Judith’s passion is working in stone. Mostly serpentine or sandstone because it is neither to hard and neither to soft. It is nice to have some support and willingness for the resistance to get the exact and precise details and the softness that you need. It’s like a man’s choice!

'It's very important That you take Notice of all the new materials'.

It is very important that you take notice of all the new materials around you if your are making art in a contemporary way. So wax, polyester and new colouring are all part of Judith’s work. The translation of the original piece through a mall into bronze or aluminium makes it easier to accomplish that state. To think of aluminium by the female forms was Judith’s scoop.

'Wax, polyester and new colouring'.
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